Essay on Friendship: Tips for Creating a Personal Essay

When writing an essay on friendship, there are a few approaches that a writer can take.

Most people would not choose to buy an essay of this type, but actually write it themselves. Unless of course, they wanted an essay that would be created under a broad or vague thought about the topic. Typically though, the reader would want to see a little more from the writer than a general overview on friendship alone.

If you have to write a short paper, such as a 250-word-essay, then you would pick one thought and formulate the entire paper to reflect that idea. On this subject the paper will likely not take too much time.

Some examples could be:

  • what friendship means to you
  • what makes a friendship blossom
  • how to nurture a friendship
  • the differences between friends and best friends

For a 1000 word essay or longer, the writer would want to get into a variety of points. The aforementioned are good ideas for different sections in the essay but it really depends on the tone or particular direction. Some teachers or professors may require something more in depth than that which is listed above, something more personal.

When thinking about personal situations for your essay on friendship you’ll need to write up an outline. Some things to address would be:

  • life lessons
  • personal dramas between friends
  • what makes a true friendship last
  • rules to keeping a friendship close
  • long distance friendships

It is good to give examples and really explore your thoughts. Regardless the size of the project, the introduction to the essay should clearly state the focus of this topic. Then you can start adding to the essay on friendship all of thoughts in your outline. Brainstorming on this subject is encouraged because of the complexity of the issue. Everyone has had friendships, some better than others and each person has a unique story to tell.

Include all of the situations that you have actually experienced or witnessed that are unique. Don’t rush it, take your time and think about the stories you want to share. The last thing a writer wants is to have the reader feel as though the essay is «canned» or thrown together. By choosing the most touching, funny and wild stories or lessons that you have been through you can make sure that your essay will not only keep the reader interested and happy with the work but it will bring more depth to you as an individual.

You want the reader to enjoy the paper and relate to your experiences while also entertaining them.

Humor is a feeling that should be interjected to keep the interest going. This is one subject that can really score some points when written correctly. Be sure that your essay on friendship reflects your skills and ability in a fun way. Essays such as these can be a blast to develop and rewarding where your grade is concerned as well.