Essay Conclusions

End With an Effective Essay Conclusion.

Essay Conclusions are a very important part of essay writing. A short conclusive essay ending is what is responsible for creating the final impression on your readers. Concluding paragraphs are necessary for essays of any essay length. They must also be present in all essays, whether it is a biography essay, scholarship essay, German essay or any other type of essay. This summarizing paragraph is also your last chance to persuade your readers to agree with your point of view. In order to create an effective conclusion, take a look at the following steps:

  1. Write down a summary of the arguments or the feelings that you have written down in your essay. Another option would be to write a summary of your main points. It is important to note that you must not write down a detailed description of your whole essay. Also, repetition of your essay is not required. You need to briefly sum up your essay in a sentence or two.
  2. Bring out a well thought out Essay Conclusion based on the points made in your essay content. This conclusion needs to be relevant to the essay argument made by you. It could be a suggestion on getting over an issue or it could be a statement on something more general. Again, it is important that you describe this in a few sentences.
  3. State the thesis once again. The thesis is normally written down in the very first sentence or the second sentence of the concluding paragraph of your essay. You need to ensure that it is worded differently from the thesis sentence written in your essay introduction paragraph. Writing your thesis again in your Essay Conclusion is a great way to help remind your readers of the main points in your essay.
  4. Try and include a humorous, light hearted or insightful observation that you have made. However, it is extremely vital that you use sensible and careful judgement with regards to what you write in this respect. The tone of your observation must be appropriate to your essay topic. For instance, if your essay topic is on something heavy like AIDs or child abuse, then a humorous approach is not the best one to follow. In such a case you may want to end your essay with a more personal statement or with a sensitive quote that is relevant to your essay topic.
  5. Make an effort to keep your Essay Conclusions short, concise and to the point. A conclusion that is effective is one that has been written in brief and conveys the salient features of the essay content. A single paragraph is more than sufficient to conclude your essay properly. This concluding paragraph should not exceed four to five sentences.
  6. Never start your concluding paragraph with the words in conclusion–≤. In fact, do not use the word conclusion–≤ in any part of your essay paragraph. Writing these words negates the entire purpose of a concluding paragraph and creates an adverse impression on your readers.

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